Top 10 Reasons to Invest in the U.S. Property Market!

Today’s market conditions in the US present a ‘once in a generation’ opportunity for investors who want to build capital as fast as possible, generate high levels of income and create exceptional capital growth. Here’s why:

  1. US is a mature, ‘first world’ market, with first-class communications, finance and property sectors and an entrepreneurial approach to business, setting it above emerging markets, such as China and India, where risk is higher. The US is a high-reward, low-risk property investment destination!
  2. The US is an enormous country, with 50 States and over 300 million people. It has the highest gross domestic product (GDP) in the world – $14 trillion – which represents almost a quarter of the whole world’s wealth creation. This expands your property investment opportunities!
  3. The US is an English-speaking nation, which simplifies communication throughout the whole process.
  4. The legal system is clear, easy to understand and fully accepted. Registration of property is also effective and you can insure against defects in title. This is not necessarily true in less well-developed countries. The laws and business processes make it easy to buy and sell quickly, often in just one day. This opens up opportunities for short-term profits.
  5. It is easy to visit for holiday or business and you don’t have to worry about the language, sanitation, or quality of food and accommodation. Plus, you can charge your travel expenses against your USA investment income!
  6. It has a tourist industry hosting over 40 million visitors per year which fuels the rental market.
    Internal migration from the North to the South stimulates the need for long-term rental homes in regions such as Florida.
  7. Investors have a wide choice of properties, from stand-alone homes to units in condo-hotels.
  8. The tax regime in the US is generous to business owners, with lower tax rates and greater allowable expenses than in the UK or Australia.
  9. There is easy access via direct flights from many international airports.
  10. The US has a low cost of living with a broad range of choice, making it a consumer paradise.

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