Can I get finance for my US investment and can I use the equity from my current US properties to refinance and purchase more?

The short answer in most cases is ‘Yes’! Non-Recourse lending is approved for foreign nationals at a 60% – 65% LTV and up to 30 year term, with best interest rates ever offered to Foreign Nationals.
Also available are specially designed programs from re-finance to Lines of Credit being now available for Foreign Investors, something that has not been available in the past.
We can also offer low-doc and no-doc loans via private lenders and other institutions. These loans typically require a 50% down payment with a higher interest rate than from traditional lenders. Despite these less favourable terms, this type of financing can still be viable and beneficial for many investment strategies.
Another option is to take an equity Line of Credit against your property in Australia and use this money to purchase in the US. We can assist you with this.

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