Education for Investors

The key to successful investing is education. We strive to educate our clients about all aspects of investment in the United States so you can make the decisions that are right for you. We have created a strong working relationship with Summit & Crowne Partners, a US-based real estate investment firm. Their extensive expertise and experience in the US Property Market enables us to provide our clients with up-to-the-minute information on properties, locations, finance and market trends.

Summit & Crowne Partners is a leading provider of:
1. single family home renovation opportunities, and
2. turn-key single family and multi-family rental properties in the US.

Additionally, they are a leading lender for new construction, acquisition/rehab, bridge and term funding for real estate investors.

What options do I have to find capital to invest?

Here are a few options to consider:

  1. New funds from income
  2. Refinance existing US property
  3. Sell my current investment property

This is our best offering!

We want to make sure you are making informed decisions. Here’s what we offer:

  1. Education and professional expertise about all aspects of foreign investment in the US.
  2. Strong market knowledge and experience to find the properties that match your investment criteria to achieve maximum results.
  3. Vetted professional services available for rehabbing, rentals and property management.
  4. Financial organization which is fully capitalized and offers a variety of solutions for every investor.

Contact us for more information and please note that we, at USPSA, do not offer advice on what is best for you as this is a very personal decision. Please speak with your financial planner prior to making all investment decisions.