Real Estate Investing Strategies Designed for You

Investment Strategies To Suit Your Investment Goals
The availability of finance for foreign investors opens the door to many investment options. We are delighted to offer investors a range of real estate strategies and properties to suit your specific needs.

If you already have investment properties in the US, your properties may be used as security to raise funds to leverage into any of the following options. Please note that this finance may take the form of a refinance facility, or up to a 30 year loan, depending on your investment needs.

Now, with our exclusive 75%-85% loan for purchase and rehab, our Buy-Rehab-Flip model is unmatched in the US property market.

Strategy 1: Buy, Renovate, and Flip for Short-Term Gains

Buy, rehab to create a much higher profit margin and then sell the property ‘flip’. You can use our funding for leverage on both acquisition and rehab or invest in active deals without using leverage.

Currently, the US market is in top form for short-term flip opportunities. Use this strategy to earn while identifying the next project to purchase!

Strategy 2: Buy a Turnkey Rental for Long-Term Gains

Stay with the basic system of buying a Turnkey property. Clients achieve a balance of income with long-term diversification with this strategy. Additionally, our clients who have already purchased using this method have achieved significant profits and sound investments.

However, Strategy 1 clearly offers far more profitable options, especially in the short-term.

Like to find out the best option to meet your investment goals? Contact us today.