Winning in the US Property Market

welcome-uspsaOur goal is simple: to help you find, evaluate, and capitalize on the best real estate investment deals in the US property market. The two main strategies we use are:

  1. A new, flagship flip strategy (Buy-Rehab-Flip Program)
  2. Turnkey rentals

Many Australian investors think they have missed the boat with purchasing foreclosed properties as a result of the GFC, but there are still amazing opportunities for investing in the US market that can’t be achieved in Australia.

Quick fact: residential real estate is the largest real estate asset class in the United States with an estimated value of approximately $18.6 trillion comprised over 133 million homes.

And for turn-key rental property investors: the single family rental market is estimated to be comprised of approximately 14.6 million homes. Assuming an average home price of $200,000, the market capitalization of the single family rental market is $2.9 trillion.

So, how does the United States property market compare to the Australian property market?
Many experts believe that Australia is in a “property bubble”. Whether or not this is the case, entry into the property market in Australia is beyond the scope and very difficult for many investors and homeowners. As for the Great Australian Dream of owning a family home and an investment property, this is now a thing of the past. But, it is a different story in the United States!

We launched a new BUY-REHAB-FLIP strategy

For those astute enough to already be in the market, it’s time to take advantage of our new Buy-Rehab-Flip business model.

In Australia, those lucky enough to have the funding to Buy-Rehab-Flip for profit have created great wealth. However, it has been restricted to only those who have the necessary capital and the expertise to source the right property below market price – an almost impossible task.

There is also the problem of finding a draftsman for the plans, ongoing approvals for the project, finding the right contractors to do the rehab, while carrying the stress burden of overseeing the complex issues in doing such business. In summary, all this equals nightmares!

Now, that has all changed.


In the US market, quality property starts at around US $60,000, and the rental returns are at least double the Australian returns. There is also the opportunity for capital growth, making ‘The Australian Dream’ readily affordable in the US.

In addition, there are even better finance options than in the past, so now is the perfect time to re-think an investment in US Real Estate.

Take Action, Today

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